iPod Touch 2019 32GB

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Important! Please carefully read the condition descriptions on this page to ensure you have accurately described your device.

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What condition?

We advise that if you are unsure of the condition or specification of your device, please contact us. The order will be revised to a higher or lower price if there are any discrepancies; the new price will be non-negotiable, but we will return the items free of charge if the price is not acceptable. 

New (Sealed in original box)

  • - The device is brand new sealed in the box

Working Good

  • - Minor scratches and marks, but no cracks, dents, chips or damage to screen
  • - No excessive deep scratching, bent housing or missing parts
  • - No noticeable areas of paint scratched or worn off
  • - No engravings or permanent security marks
  • - No find my iPhone or equivalent enabled

Working Average

  • - May have dents, chips, scratches and marks
  • - No find my iPhone or equivalent enabled
  • - No cracks or damage to screen or bent housing
  • - No faults, including lines on screen, power button not working, etc. 

Working Heavy Damage 

  • - Must show signs of life / power on
  • - Major damage that prevents normal usage
  • - May have cracks
  • - May have liquid damage or cracked screen
  • - No find my iPhone or equivalent enabled

Faulty, Not Working (free recycling) 

  • - No Power
  • - Major damage that prevents normal usage
  • - May have find my iPhone or equivalent enabled

Additional Requirements

All devices, unless otherwise stated on your order, should include genuine/official power cables and plugs/adaptors; third-party accessories are not accepted. You must factory reset your iPod. Batteries of any device must hold a charge at least 50% of their original capacity or it will be deemed "Not holding charge".